The Return of Christ ... What If

The Return of Christ... What if by D.R. InzerilloIf the people in Noah’s day knew then what they know now, do you think they would have prepared for the flood thus avoiding destruction?  How about Pharaoh, the religious leaders, the Philistines, and others of Jesus’ day?  How about Americans, Europeans, Asians …?  Would believers and nonbelievers of today prepare?  Let’s get real personal, knowing what you know now, would YOU have prepared? 

Did you know the Bible, God’s Word, COMMANDS us to watch and prepare?  Do you think God would instruct us to watch then not tell us what to watch for … and how to prepare?  Do you know what to watch for?  How should you prepare?

No matter what your end times beliefs are, FINALLY, there’s a book about the return of Christ that helps us know what to watch for and how to prepare according to scripture.  This book is written in such a way that you will feel as though you are hanging out with your best friend, kicking around thought provoking questions, and digging together.  It allows you to draw your own conclusions based on what the Bible says, not man’s opinion.  The question is … will you? 

Know this, Jesus’ second coming will happen whether you are prepared or not. Come … take a step of faith and discover God’s answers, not man’s.