About the Author          

Dodee R. Inzerillo

Born and raised in Northern California, Dodee R.Inzerillo now resides in “the other state,” Southern California. After earning a Business Degree in Marketing, pursuing a business career, and marrying the man of her dreams, through a life altering, near death experience, Dodee committed her heart to Jesus Christ, gladly claiming her Christian identity. She was then called to Child Development and Human Relations by way of “Motherhood”, through adoption. Shortly thereafter, Educator (including Homeschooling), Writer, and Author were added to her repertoire.

You will soon discover that Dodee is passionate about people. With her love for God’s Word, especially Eschatology (study of end times), you’ll understand why she was called to write her first book “The Return of Christ ... What If”, with still more to come. A classically trained scholar, theologian, of formal seminary schooling she is not. But wait . . . neither was Moses the adopted stutterer, King David the once lowly shepherd boy, or Rahab, Jericho’s town prostitute, yet God chose them. Dodee doesn’t consider herself to be a mighty leader, of royal stature, or … She’s an ordinary person, chosen by God, for this very reason, as were they, so that God would be magnified. God chose then and still chooses today, ordinary people to do extraordinary things. What assignment does He have you on? In conclusion, D.R. Inzerillo has extensively researched, studied, and/or taught this intriguing subject for more than a decade and sees it as an intricate part of her calling, helping all to watch and prepare for the return of Christ.

Captivating sunsets, breathtaking beaches, indescribable scenery, and wonderfully wacky people all have a place in Dodee’s heart as she enjoys capturing His wonders through the art of photography. Other favorites of her’s include having fun by: spending time with her husband Joe, their boys, and friends, instigating a practical joke, being at the beach, boogie boarding, soaking up the outdoors somewhere, participating or watching most sports, listening to music, playing games, taking in a treat of a mocha frappuccino (with peppermint of course), or dark chocolate anything.