“ I loved “What If...” it was so simply written but the content was profound. I have always avoided delving into this topic and thought it didn’t really matter what was going to happen because God has it covered. I will now be digging deeper and really getting to grips with what the Bible says about the end times.”
Tustin, California

"There are many interpretations of the scriptures re: end times, however, one fact is certain---Christ will return. D.R. Inzerillo's book "WHAT IF" encourages and helps you to "dig" for yourself and find answers. Have Bible and pen at hand and begin an interesting, challenging read."
P.L. Brown
Boise, Idaho

In the circles I travel, Messianic Jews, we say that you can tell more about a person by the type of questions they ask, than by the statements they make. This book has great questions. This is a study guide developed to coach a person through the process of using deductive reasoning skills for the End Times. A time we all know is coming and the theories of what to look for are as numerous as in the days of Yeshua. But how do we know, really know, what to look for? This book guides you through the process of finding your own answers while debunking shaky doctrines. It's an interesting read.
Morah Cathy
Hebrew Reading Teacher

"I felt the book was relevant & wonderfully presented & researched out!!! God bless you for your incredible effort of love of the Lord & the Word!"
Sarah Maddox
Birmingham, Alabama

"Bible students anywhere wishing to explore a blueprint approach to making choices and thinking critically regarding (the ever approaching and fearful topic) ‘end times’, will enjoy D.R. Inzerillo’s The Return of Christ...What If.. Her ability to decode the bible by using the Bible’s text in its complete written context is so refreshing. No short cuts here. Don’t think however that every fine point is given to you in writing. Oh no. This God fearing writer has given you all text regarding each topic and the challenge to personally go read, search and study (The Bible) to ‘show yourselves’ approved. There are so many great points about this writers approach. The one that stands out for me personally is that this book is written in a friendly and simple approach without making me feel that I needed a PhD in Bible studies. Even the most Revelation phobic reader can have a chance to become a transformed, inspired, and well informed Biblical student."
A. Barken
Grandmothers for Christ / Damas de Dios
Irvine, California

"Dodee is a true follower [ disciple ] of our Lord and Savior. I know but a few, who study and teach with open eyes and ears the truths found in the bible. She has the gift, I myself am hoping for. I am going to try my best to show more people how to think outside the box [be a Dodee] . Dodee's writings
"The Return of Christ ...What If" demonstrates an understanding of the bible that could only come from committed diligence in study, hours of prayer and a heart of the Holy Spirit.

All christians have a lot to learn from Jesus' words and past translations and commentaries can be wrong. With Jesus' help, we can break away from old traditions and poor assumptions. So Dodee, with your blessing, I would like to lead more christians into future events with "The Return of Christ ...What If".
I think it will make an excellent bible study guide."
May you have more blessings,
Ralph Nafzgar